Bodyflow is the ideal solution for keeping your health in-balance, preventing the immune system from becoming sluggish and boosting your organs, body and mind for optimum health.

We are a highly professional health and wellbeing company with over 23 years experience.  We have a fantastic team of the most expert and experienced therapists and practitioners in London who bring our much loved service to your home or office.

We have a treatment room in Battersea, London, UK for those who would like to have a treatment out of your home or live outside of London or the UK.

Please see all the different options that we offer on the website and we are here for any questions or queries you may have.

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How does Bodyflow reflexology make you feel…


Bodyflow Reflexology specialises in helping couples create a fertile body for conception, taking care of you all the way through your pregnancy, preparing your body for labour, stimulating natural induction, healing and balancing for postpartum care, breastfeeding and beyond.

We treat men, women, teenagers, children and babies of all ages, it doesn’t matter what health concerns you have.  Try Bodyflow Reflexology to help heal, balance, calm, nurture and promote a healthy body from within.

‘Let us look after you, we are here to help and heal’ 

Home Visits

Bodyflow is a friendly company offering a wide range of treatments and classes brought to the comfort and warmth of your own home.

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“A gruelling theatre run was leaving me sleepless, exhausted and with headaches...Gemma's wonderful weekly Reflexology treatments gave me a boost of energy, cured and cleared my head!”

Dame Kristin Scott Thomas

“Thank you Gemma for such a treat on a rainy Tuesday morning, the powerful healing benefits of Bodyflow reflexology is simply the best and sooo relaxing. No need for Jamie to massage my feet tonight!”

xx Jools Oliver xx

“Don't really know what to say, I have never felt so looked after before. My first ever reflexology and now I'm hooked, Gemma is the loveliest person with years of knowledge, i just cant express how amazing that was. Bodyflow is in London and comes to your home!'”

Rhiannon Lambert of Rhitrition