Teenage Health

Bodyflow is the ideal solution for keeping your health in-balance, preventing the immune system from becoming sluggish and boosting your organs, body and mind for optimum health.

Feeling out of balance with your hormones, mood swings, headaches, acne and break-outs, painful periods, digestive problems, problems sleeping, feeling anxious, worries and nervous about your exams or feeling not part of the group?

Our Bodyflow reflexology treatments are carefully designed and created to encourage your body and hormones to feel calmer, balanced and working properly and then suddenly you will feel like you can cope with your days ahead.

Hormones can really bring so many difficult side effects for our teens, both boys and girls.  Each teen is very different so Bodyflow devise the right treatment package for you to help balance and calm your hormones.  It will help regulate periods, improve clotting, reduces PMS, headaches, balances your mood, improves skin blockages and acne and filtrate the body where systems have become sluggish.

Bodyflow reflexology will help boost, heal and revive.

“My daughter has been struggling with her exams, stress and anxiety, she saw Gemma twice and feels like a new person, thank you Gemma so very much.”

Such a happy mother

“My 15-year-old daughter has had the past two years with crippling period pains, acne and anxiety, Bodyflow’s treatments have changed her life.”

“Ben, my son couldn’t deal with the Covid situation and really went into himself, Gemma managed to open up his anxieties and free him from worry and pain, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”