Pregnancy is a truly amazing natural process where the women’s body is designed to carefully grow and produce babies.  Whilst many ladies feel great while pregnant, for some it can be a hard and tiring process.  It`s fairly commonplace to feel aches, pains and discomfort through pregnancy and can be an anxious and tiring time for expectant Mums, especially in first pregnancies with the fear of the unknown.

At Bodyflow we treat from conception through to labour and postpartum. The first trimester can bring morning sickness, acidity, exhaustion, mood swings and other niggles along the way. We help iron these out with profound and long-lasting effects. We also help encourage and promote growth of the baby from the day of conception for those who may have experienced miscarriage.

The second trimester often brings energy and a spring on your step. However, aches and pains, constipation, tiredness, acidity and heart burn can occur, so by having a Bodyflow reflexology treatment will help create space in the body and provide you with the boost that you need to feel energised and ready to tackle your day.

The third trimester is when we should start slowing down and listening to our bodies in a way that nature tells us. The body is gently and slowly preparing for labour, the baby descends and the body softens and opens. Often ladies will experience pain in the lower back, hips and on the pubic bone. Acidity, SPD, swelling, digestive issues, breathlessness and tight ribs. Our treatment is designed to help open and create space to prepare the body for labour, reduce BP, lymphatically drain the stored fluids that build up in the body creating swelling, open the hips, turn breech babies, prepares the perineum and stimulates natural induction when you are ready.

Birth-day- After a course of Bodyflow birth preparation treatments, your body will be ready for a wonderful labour and help aid your healing and recovery postpartum.

The fourth trimester is often when we completely forget about ourselves and are expected to get on with every day things with no rest and healing time.  This is one of the most important times to listen to your body and do what it asks for.  Feed, eat and sleep, for both you and your new born for a number of weeks and especially after a C-section is the best option.

If you have had an epidural, spinal block or any medical intervention, then it is a very good idea to allow the body to recover slowly.  Stitches, episiotomy, ventouse, forceps can create trauma within the body and our treatments will help remove and balance. Remember you are not invincible and you will heal a lot quicker if you are gentle and kind on yourself postpartum.  Your milk will flow easily and your baby will be happier. Bodyflow reflexology will help promote your recovery and heal from within.

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Bodyflow specialises in helping couples create a fertile body to conceive – see fertility

Bodyflow suggests a course of treatment for anyone who is trying to target a particular health concern. Bodyflow Reflexology is a holistic and complimentary therapy that works on an accumulative basis, everyone’s body is different, and so we are unable to say how long it may take.

“Don't really know what to say, I have never felt so looked after before. My first ever reflexology and now I’m hooked, Gemma is the loveliest person with years of knowledge, I just can’t express how amazing that was. Bodyflow is in London and comes to your home!”

Rhiannon Lambert, Rhitrition Nutritionist

“Gemma saw me throughout my whole pregnancy and post my birth, helping me with nausea, stress aches and pains whilst pregnant and getting the drugs out of my system and adjusting me after the birth. She is heaven and worked wonders rebalancing me. Her treatments always left me feeling so happy and zen. She's a reason to get pregnant again!”

Alex Eagle, Director of Alex Eagle Boutiques

“I used Gemma's reflexology sessions in the lead up to giving birth and not only were my treatments incredibly relaxing, but they WORK! I have no doubt that because of them my birth was much quicker and easier and then afterwards she helped my body recover. I cannot recommend them enough!”

Madeleine Thompson, Madeleine Thompson Cashmere

“BODYFLOW NATURAL INDUCTION - I treated my sister-in-law to a Bodyflow Reflexology Treatment around the time of her due date as this humid weather was making her hot, bothered and very uncomfortable. The therapist was just lovely to her and the massage was of very high standard. Amazingly she went into labour that night, so it must have got things moving! Wonderful treatment, wonderful service.”

Alice Manning, Feel Unique

Some areas that may interest you

Bodyflow Reflexology for birth preparation and natural induction – a wonderful way of preparing your body for labour, descending the baby, creating space in the ribs to allow the baby to drop down into the pelvis, opening the hips, preparing the perineum and then when you are ready to naturally induce you through our magical Bodyflow reflexology treatments….so powerful and 22 years in the business.

Bodyflow reflexology for turning breech babies – we have amazing success in encouraging the babies to turn and get back in the right position with our treatments, all secret techniques and wonderfully effective.

Bodyflow postpartum reflexology helps to encourage the body and its organs back to shape. Lymphatically drains any drugs from your body that you may have had. Removes the epidural from the spine and heals the area. Boosts your digestive system if you are finding it hard to go to the toilet. Eases back and neck pains, helps reduce and filter excess fluids being held in the body. We can also help by showing you the optimum position for breastfeeding, the treatment also reducing the possibility of getting engorged breasts or mastitis. We can help remove the trauma of the epidural from your spine, which is highly effective, all through our magical Bodyflow reflexology treatments.