About Us

Gemma Ireland (MAR CNHC) founded Bodyflow with Rachel Whiteside (LSSM Dip) in 2000. They originally set Bodyflow up as a corporate chair massage business, providing Japanese acupressure massage to corporate businesses in London and Nationwide. In 2003 Rachel left the UK to set up Bodyflow in Zurich, a clinic that offers a range of massages, cranio-sacral therapy and makes the most incredible lovingly hand made candles, my favourite is the Bodyflow No.2 – Orange and Geranium, it fills the room with a subtle and calm aroma.

Whilst providing chair massage for corporate clients still remains part of the business, in 2003 Gemma launched Bodyflow London Ltd services for private clients. This side of the business grew very quickly and continues to supply a very professional team of therapists and practitioners in the comfort and ease of people’s own homes. Bodyflow was one of the first companies in UK to provide home well-being treatments.

Gemma and her Bodyflow team’s expertise and confidentiality has earned Bodyflow an extensive client list that ranges from high profile and A-list celebrities to exhausted city workers and busy mum’s.


Gemma Ireland

Gemma is the Director and co-founder of Bodyflow and runs the UK branch. She has an incredibly extensive knowledge of the holistic body and has been working in alternative health for over 20 years full time. She believes that if we treat our bodies properly, we will be healthy, happy, confident and live long. Everything in moderation, a healthy balanced diet, exercise carefully, hydrate, breathe fresh air and visualisation will help you prepare for your days ahead. She has helped many clients over the years alter the way they lead their lives with superb life long results.

Gemma trained and qualified as a reflexologist at the Self Centre in Harley Street in 1999 and specialises in helping couples balance their systems to promote fertility and natural conception. This combined with her extensive knowledge of prenatal health gained from her five years as a birth doula enables Gemma to accompany her clients on their journey through pregnancy to the birth of their child with holistic advice on nutrition, pain relief, exercise, breast-feeding and positive thinking. When she was a birth doula she helped bring many wonderful babies into the world in hospital, home births, water births and in the corridor of someones home!  She is also an acupressure therapist.

Gemma believes that many couples are encouraged to go down a ‘medical route’ far too quickly without considering a holistic approach. She was told when riddled with PCOS and endometriosis at a young age of 17, that she would find it terribly hard to conceive, if at all. This shattered her dreams of being a mother. She now has a teenager and Bodyflow reflexology helped her conceive like so many of her clients. This experience motivated Gemma over 20 years ago to specialise in helping clients create a fertile body to aid their fertility, resulting in so many conceptions and very clients contended clients over the years.

Gemma works with many clients who have or are recovering from cancer, helping them relax as well as restoring energy levels after and during chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. Gemma’s positive energy and treatments benefit her clients’ well-being by making them feel lighter, more energetic and happier.  Gemma has had skin cancer and knows the importance of staying healthy and being aware of life’s toxins and negative inputs.

She also works with a lot of sports injury problems, football teams, tennis players and running complaints…reflexology is so powerful, it opens the structural body, creating space and natural healing. Reflexology works from within and continues to work after the treatment is given, providing outstanding results.

Gemma has been told on many occasions that she has ‘Healing Hands’ and that her clients feel a new ‘Lease of Life’ has been opened after receiving treatments. She is very passionate about her work and loves to help her clients in any way possible. Each client is treated individually and personally.

She specialises in creating a fertile body for both man and woman, pregnancy, and postpartum care with amazing results. She treats men and women with any health concerns and has a very loyal and high profile client base, some of whom have given testimonials: Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, Felicity Kendal, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jamie and Jools Oliver, Phil Spencer, Alice Temperley, Nicola Elliot, founder of NEOM, Millie Mackintosh, Madeleine Shaw, Madeleine Thomson, founder of MT Cashmere, Rhiannon Lambert, Founder of Rhitrition, James and Christiane Duigan, Founders of Bodyism and many more…


Bodyflow Team

All Bodyflow staff are highly experienced, all with over 7 years of training and fully qualified to provide the highest standards of care, they are insured and accredited members of their affiliated associations.

All our reflexology therapists are members of the CNHC and AOR Governing bodies, allowing them to work during Covid-19 times under strict guidance for referred essential health clients.