Bodyflow’s Client Testimonials

“A gruelling theatre run was leaving me sleepless, exhausted and with headaches...Gemma's wonderful weekly reflexology treatments gave me a boost of energy, cured and cleared my head!”

Dame Kristin Scott Thomas

“Gemma is the real thing the best of the best!”

Felicity Kendal

“'The most AMAZING reflexology ever!! Thank you @bodyflowlondon it really helped my bad back...Thank you Gemma'”

Jamie Oliver

“"Thank you Gemma for such a treat on a rainy Tuesday morning, the powerful healing benefits of Bodyflow reflexology is simply the best and sooo relaxing. No need for Jamie to massage my feet tonight! :)”

Jools Oliver

“This woman...part reflexologist, part magician. Bodyflow is the best thing I've done for myself this week. Gemma has spent 24 years honing her healing craft and teaching her team a unique Bodyflow Reflexology treatment: creating blood flow, stimulating the organs, nerves, muscles to create...BALANCE. Yes please! The treatment sent me to outer space and I landed back on earth blissed out with a clear head for expansive, creative thoughts, while aches and pains were eased. A pause - active relaxation = then read for more wonderful life. Bodyflow London is too good not to share, but please leave some appointments for me!”

Alice B-B, Journalist

“'Don't really know what to say, I have never felt so looked after before. My first ever reflexology and now i'm hooked, Gemma is the loveliest person with years of knowledge, i just cant express how amazing that was. Bodyflow is in London and comes to your home!'”

Rhiannon Lambert, Rhitrition Nutritionist

“Gemma saw me throughout my whole pregnancy and post my birth, helping me with nausea, stress aches and pains whilst pregnant and getting the drugs out of my system and adjusting me after the birth. She is heaven and worked wonders rebalancing me. Her treatments always left me feeling so happy and zen. She's a reason to get pregnant again!”

Alex Eagle, Director of Alex Eagle Boutiques

“"I used Gemma's reflexology sessions in the lead up to giving birth and not only were my treatments incredibly relaxing, but they WORK! I have no doubt that because of them my birth was much quicker and easier and then afterwards she helped my body recover. I cannot recommend them enough!"”

Madeleine Thompson, Madeleine Thompson Cashmere

“Gemma has worked miracles on my body curing long standing issues, restoring balance and reducing stress. I searched everywhere for someone to help with this and no one else in the world has been able to do what Gemma has.”

James Duigan, Bodyism

“Bodyflow, thank you for such an amazing reflexology treatment I feel relaxed and balanced X”

Madeleine Shaw, Madeleine Shaw Wellness

“Everyone here LOVES the chair massages x”

Alice Temperley, Temperley London

“Bodyflow is helping me to get all those nasty c-section drugs out of my system w/ reflexology & lymphatic drainage @BodyflowLimited”

Calgary Avansino, Eat.Feel.Live.Well

“Seeing Gemma on a weekly basis during my pregnancy has made all the difference to my health and wellbeing. Her magic hands helped with all my symptoms, to feel energised, restored and in balance. She has a wealth of knowledge and a caring approach to help with absolutely anything. I couldn't have done without her and hope to see her weekly for reflexology forever!”

Christiane Duigan, Bodyism

“Gemma's team of therapists always deliver the perfect relaxing solution to the end of a busy week's filming...fantastic massage and reflexology.”

Phil Spencer, Location Location Location

“Had the most amazing Reflexology session with @BodyflowLimited today. All balanced and good with the world!”

Nicola Elliot founder of NEOM

“'If you want the short message, this is a brilliant treatment particularly if you got yourself all wound up and need someone to press the de-stress button, here is the website, if you want the longer version, read on”

Alice Hart Davis BLOG, Beauty Journalist

“Knocked out by Bodyflow's matchless Reflexology skills. Highly recommended if you need the world to STOP for a few hours!”

Kate Shapland, Beauty and Health Columnist for the Telegraph

“She was absolutely brilliant. Jemima said it was the best massage she had ever had. Thanks so much!”

Henry Dimbleby, LEON Restaurant owner

“'Feeling so relaxed after my reflexology treatment with Bodyflow London' x”

Millie Mackintosh

“"It was my lucky day yesterday Gemma came and gave me a treatment which was absolutely incredible, I’ve never experienced such powerful reflexology and feel as though I’ve been touched by magic today!"”

Ginny Valentine



Fertility and Pregnancy

“MISCARRIAGE AND FERTILITY-Thank you so much Gemma for working through my two consecutive miscarriages with me and helping me to get pregnant again. I'm just lying here with my beautiful week old newborn son thinking about how your treatment really helped me get here. Also, yesterday your post c-section treatment has really helped bring my body back to life again. I can't thank you enough Gemma xx”

A very happy Bodyflow client, June 2019

“AMENORRHEA - I really wanted to fall pregnant but was suffering from over 12 years of Amenorrhea. I discovered Gemma through Instagram as I noticed she had success with other clients suffering my condition. Bodyflow really helped me immediately, not only offering wise advice and key lifestyle changes but also being a constant support and encourager while on the journey to get my periods back. The treatment was incredible, I couldn’t believe it, after only 2 months of seeing Gemma consistently my period returned! I was overjoyed, and shocked... I couldn’t believe reflexology, and my time with Gemma, had been such a positive effect on my health. Gemma is more than a reflexology practitioner, she is wise council in a sea of conflicting messages and a hand to hold whenever you need it.”

Amenorrhea Client, June 2019

“PCOS - "I heard about Gemma through Madeleine Shaw's blogpost about PCOS and infertility. My own struggles to get pregnant started nearly three years earlier with an ectopic pregnancy, early miscarriage and my periods stopping. I started seeing Gemma for regular reflexology sessions in early December 2015 and altered my nutrition and lifestyle from her advice. In January 2016 I found out I was expecting. I couldn't believe it; I was scared and excited all at the same time. The Early Pregnancy Unit confirmed I had a baby with a gorgeous heartbeat in my uterus and that I had even ovulated from the ovary that didn’t have a fallopian tube! Now that little heartbeat is a 10 week old baby! I am truly grateful to Gemma for her restorative, balancing reflexology, compassionate attitude and positivity. I do not believe I would be in this position without her."”

Rhiannon Lavin, a very happy client. Feb 2019

“BREECH BABY - Hi Gemma, thank you so much, i have just had a scan and the baby's head is now confirmed to be facing downwards since your amazing treatment... I can't thank you stop a natural labour.”

A very happy Bodyflow client. March 2019

“PREGNANT WITH PCOS - Hi Gemma - you wanted me to keep track of changes since our last treatment well I think this is the best change we could have hoped for and nothing short of a miracle! I still can’t quite believe what I’m seeing so will re-test in a few days but Im pretty sure this means what I think it means... I I actually don’t have the words to thank you -in less than 2 months you have given me what I have been dreaming of but thought I may never have. You really do have healing hands and I can’t wait to see you to give you the biggest hug! Xxx”

PCOS and Fertility Client, Jan 2019

“BODYFLOW NATURAL INDUCTION - "I treated my sister-in-law to a Bodyflow Reflexology Treatment around the time of her due date as this humid weather was making her hot, bothered and very uncomfortable. The therapist was just lovely to her and the massage was of very high standard. Amazingly she went into labour that night, so it must have got things moving! Wonderful treatment, wonderful service."”

Alice Manning, Feel Unique

“FERTILITY BALANCING - 'Amazingly I'm Pregnant'...are the best words to read this evening from a new client after only a few Bodyflow reflexology treatments. Such wonderful and exciting news, we are utterly delighted for you. Dreams do come true with Bodyflow.”

Fertility Bodyflow client, May 2019

“PCOS - I am so grateful I stumbled across this post and Gemma's work. I started seeing Gemma in December with mild PCOS and nearly 3 years of trying for a baby with a history of ectopic pregnancy. I was always a bit skeptical about reflexology having tried it with a non-fertility expert practitioner a few years ago. However, I am nervously excited to say I am sitting here 7 weeks pregnant and a scan showing the baby in my womb with a heartbeat. I never thought I would ever make it this far and I know it is super early days still and anything can happen but I am feeling so much more positive about the future. I will continue to see Gemma and would recommend anyone who is in my position to look at the benefits of reflexology when you're told your only option is IVF.”

A very happy client

Gratitude from Bodyflow clients

“Gemma has an amazing gift which helps me relax and sleep better after even the most hectic of days and weeks through her unique reflexology skill. I have tried many different practitioners over the years, but Gemma and Bodyflow really stand out with what they can do.”

Wendy Becker, Chief Executive at 'Jack Wills'

“Gemma has been a friend and has treated our whole family for more than 20 years. Her treatments are an essential part of our regular health maintenance. Her hands have a very special capability of detecting tensions and problems in the body and treating and releasing them yet making the treatment blissfully pleasant and relaxing. October 2016”

Sanja Vukelic, Director SDress Fashion

“Gemma, that was the most incredible experience, my whole body feels different, my chest feels open, i slept for the first time in years last night and I feel alive. Thank you, you have healing hands!”

A very happy client, May 2016

“I really enjoyed our session and slept so well that night! Thank you very much.”

Ophelia Froud, Freelance Journalist

“'Amazing amazing, I can already feel the benefits, thank you Gemma'. You should be bottled and distributed everywhere!”

A very happy client

“It was truly wonderful, as always...Gemma is the best Reflexologist in the world!”

A Happy Client

“I'm feeling so much better Gemma I have to thank you so much, your treatment was amazing!!!”

Peggy Ladrat, a very happy client

“Thank you so much, my mother felt so revived and is healing well. She loved Aliz and found her very interesting as well as a fantastic therapist, with powerful healing hands!”

Nadia Menuhin, a very happy client

“I wanted to thank Gemma so so much for her treatment and chat last week.....but time got away. It was such a gift and I am grateful to have met her at this time. Thanks to you too for your help and flexibility. A great team!”

Samantha Rowden; a very happy client


“Marks & Spencer have used Bodyflow at several press events and found them to be extremely professional and pleasant to work with. The practitioners certainly know their stuff and can work miracles in just 20 minutes of massage! There's usually a big queue of people wanting to have a massage and everyone always finds it fantastically invigorating and a perfect stress reliever.”

Tania Littlehales, Marks & Spencer

“Gemma and her wonderful therapists at Bodyflow helped create a perfect launch day by providing reflexology sessions to beauty journalists. Each journalist relayed their own fantastic experiences in Bodyflow's very caring, capable and healing hands. Several ladies even tapped into personal and intimate moments during the therapies which have converted them, and I, into lifelong fans of Gemma and her team!”

Charlotte Mecklenburgh, NIVEA Beiersdorf PR

“We work in a very stressful environment and need the relaxation to re-focus on the tasks ahead which Bodyflow provides us through the massages that we receive”

Rebecca Ghent, Hudson Sandler

“Very relaxing and highly recommended”

Wanda Scott, James Finlay (Overseas) Ltd

“Bodyflow massage is really popular at PS&B. The cumulative effect is a real benefit and leaves everyone feeling refreshed and alert”

Richard Berns, Piper Smith & Basham Ltd

“Our employees find it extremely worthwhile and are ready to face the day ahead feeling totally revitalised”

Maria Rodman, Algorithmics (UK) Ltd

“Our staff finds it a fantastic relaxation tonic”

Jenny Piper, McCann Erickson Advertising

“Everyone here LOVES the chair massages!!”

Alice Temperley, Temperley London

“Bodyflow always delivers the best therapists to my doo”

“Bodyflow provides chair massages to all the staff at Bloom. This not only provides them with a great antidote to the stress that a design agency brings, but is also a huge motivational perk and I know how much they look forward to the session. I cannot recommend Bodyflow highly enough.”

Harriet Marshall, Bloom

“Our staff work under a lot of pressure. The chair massage which Bodyflow gives is one way we can thank them for the hard work that they put in, plus it really does seem to help them deal with their workloads. It acts as a kind of safety valve.”

Petrina Day, Penrose Financial Ltd

“After a period of treatments with Bodyflow, my body is so much more in balance and the improvement in my overall health is dramatic. Bodyflow is fantastic company and I would recommend them to anyone!”

“Bodyflow makes you realise that you don't have to live with those niggling little problems that you have had for ages.”


“I do hope that you enjoyed your massage yesterday - how is your back? ...much better, as ever you deliver the best service!!!”

“The quality of Bodyflow therapists are higher than I have found anywhere else and being able to have massage in the comfort of my own home helps me relax and unwind after a busy week's filming.”

“Bodyflow is fantastic, the way that you can call up with a problem and they send out the best therapist to helps your needs - I had an injury from too much sports and Bodyflow's sports massage therapist has cured my problem within two sessions!”

“Bodyflow's staff are always so friendly and informative, but leave you to enjoy your massage in peace”

“With the deep tissue technique, Bodyflow has repeatedly proven themselves as very good massage specialists, able to relieve not only the tension in my neck and back, but also painful muscle spasms.”

“Deep tissue massage doesn't get any better”

“A wonderful sports massage experience”


“I would highly recommend Bodyflow as first rate doula's and would be very happy to give my number to anyone for a reference.”

“Thank you Gemma for all your care, your kindness and your magical hands. You are amazing at what you do - you made it an incredibly positive experience for all 3 of us (even after 60 hours!). It was fantastic and so were you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

“We really feel that Gemma made a significant difference to our "birth experience" and provided continuity and excellent care that in a very busy London hospital it is hard to expect from the midwife team. We highly recommend Gemma as a doula and can't wait to book her up for number 2!”

“With her enthusiastic yet sensitive nature she offers emotional and physical support without intruding.”

“You were fantastic, we all appreciate the difference you made.”

“With her enthusiastic yet sensitive nature she offers emotional and physical support without intruding.”

“Having enjoyed several reflexology sessions with Gemma prior to giving birth for the first time, I was very pleased indeed that she was with me when the day arrived. Gemma was swift to come round to the flat and help me deal with the contractions and, by having her there I could stay at home for longer. When it came to the labour in hospital, she was invaluable with her support, encouragement and Lucozade tablets! Both my husband and I believe she made a real difference to our experience and are very grateful to her for her professionalism and the reassurance she gave us.”

“Having benefited enormously from the reflexology sessions when I was pregnant we invited Gemma to assist us during the home birth of our son. Gemma was fantastic; she was a sympathetic but most encouraging motivator during the early stages of the active birth. She was supportive to my husband and she superbly managed the fine balance of both assisting the midwife when appropriate and giving us space when needed. Gemma played a critical role when contractions petered out, through reflexology and encouraging gentle activity she was able to kick start them off again.”

“We highly recommend Gemma as a birth doula.”