Postpartum recovery and healing

The fourth trimester (Postpartum), a term that is used for when new mums are into the new phase of their lives with their newborn.  This is the time when we often completely forget about ourselves and are, in society, often expected by some to get on with every day things with no rest and healing time. (Stay off social media and the internet, it will only make you feel like you are doing everything wrong and that you should be in your skinny jeans, sipping a latte whilst on a dog walk in the park with friends two days after labour.  These women are not the normal ones!).

This is the most important time to listen to your body and do what it asks for, which will undoubtably be rest and recovery in BED.  Your hormones will be all over the place, which is totally normal and too much too soon will only slow down your healing and recovery.

Order of your day should be:- Feed your baby, eat yourself, hydrate and sleep, for both you and your newborn for a number of weeks and especially for about 4-6 weeks after a C-section.  When your baby sleep, sleep yourself in the first few weeks, then your milk will flow and nourish your little one.  When the milk slows down and drys up is when we are doing TOO much.  We are not invincible and this is the time to dedicate to your newborn.

Breastfeeding can be complicated for some and please see our breastfeeding page, our Bodyflow reflexology helps to unblock milk ducts, repair engorged breasts and help with the horrible side effects of mastitis and help filtrate it out of the body.

If you have had an epidural, spinal block or any medical intervention, then it is a very good idea to allow the body to recover slowly.  Stitches, episiotomy, ventouse, forceps can create trauma within the body and our Bodyflow Reflexology treatment will help remove the trauma from your body.

Remember you are not invincible and you will heal a lot quicker if you are gentle and kind on yourself postpartum.

Your milk will flow easily and your baby will be happier. Bodyflow reflexology will help promote your recovery and heal from within.  Bookings button will help guide you to booking yourself a quicker recovery and healing.


“Bodyflow is helping me to get all those nasty c-section drugs out of my system w/ reflexology & lymphatic drainage @BodyflowLimited”

Calgary Avansino, Eat.Feel.Live.Well

“Gemma saw me throughout my whole pregnancy and post my birth, helping me with nausea, stress aches and pains whilst pregnant and getting the drugs out of my system and adjusting me after the birth. She is heaven and worked wonders rebalancing me. Her treatments always left me feeling so happy and zen. She's a reason to get pregnant again!”

Alex Eagle, Director of Alex Eagle Boutiques