Breastfeeding can be a total joy for some and it can be an utter nightmare for others. It doesn’t matter what category you fall under, it’s all a work in progress and finding the right routine for you. Please remember what works for you may not work for your friend or visa versa.

Mastitis can be very painful and exhausting, the swelling, redness and fever often results in antibiotics and days of dizziness and exhaustion.

Engorged breasts are when the body is producing too much milk, resulting in painful lumpy breasts, blocked milk ducts and endless pain and discomfort. Often brought on by not emptying the breast completely whilst feeding and expressing too much. Regular massage in circular rotation and draining out towards the armpit helps a lot in the shower with some non-scented oil.

Cracked and bleeding nipples can certainly be prevented, by the right form of latching on, the right positioning when feeding and making sure your baby isn’t tongue tied.  Bodyflow can help you with finding the right position for feeding during the day and at night to help prevent these.

Bodyflow postpartum reflexology is a very effective way of ironing out all of the above with magical results every time, leaving you feeling in control of your nursing.

Please make sure you are resting a lot, eating full fat foods at least three times a day.  Mother’s bodies are incredible things, but we are not invincible and need time to repair, heal and make deliciously creamy rich milk…. Rest is best please, good nutrition and hydration.  Nothing low fat, diet or restrictive eating…you are feeding a little person who needs all your nutrients and you will have to replace them for you and them very regularly  xxx


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Jamie Oliver - Instagram, 24th October 2019

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Kate Shapland, Beauty and Health Columnist for the Telegraph

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Madeleine Thompson, Fashion Designer