Baby Reflexology

We are so lucky at Bodyflow to be able to treat newborn babies that have just arrived into this world.

The sensitive and gentle touch of a mini Bodyflow reflexology treatment brings healing to their little systems after their entry into the world. Helping boost their immunity, digestion, clear colds and snotty noses, congested eye ducts, latching on difficulties, reflux, colic, jaundice and helping remove the trauma of forceps, ventouse or C-section deliveries from their little bodies.

Moving on to when they are a little older when they may have digestive issues, weaning problems, teething, sleep balancing, help with getting into a good routine and breastfeeding advice.

They just adore the sessions and are almost immediately calmer in their little bodies.  Their treatment will be added on to the end or beginning of your Bodyflow reflexology for postpartum healing and care session.


“The most AMAZING reflexology ever!! Thank you @bodyflowlondon it really helped my bad back...Thank you Gemma'”

Jamie Oliver - Instagram, 24th October 2019

“Knocked out by Bodyflows matchless Reflexology skills. Highly recommended if you need the world to STOP for a few hours!”

Kate Shapland, Beauty and Health Columnist for the Telegraph

“I used Gemma's reflexology sessions in the lead up to giving birth and not only were my treatments incredibly relaxing, but they WORK! I have no doubt that because of them my birth was much quicker and easier and then afterwards she helped my body recover. I cannot recommend them enough!”

Madeleine Thompson, Fashion Designer