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Bodyflow is a professional health and wellness company with over 20 years experience. They have a fantastic team of experienced reflexologists in London, and Gemma who visited me was fantastic. What is even better is that they bring their reflexology treatments to you, whether that's at home or in the office. 


Evening Standard Wellness Article - 20th August 2019


Ease stress, headaches and anxiety with these at-home reflexology pressure points

From easing stubborn neck pain to giving a mini liver detox boost, celebrity reflexologist Gemma Ireland says these at-home self-care acupressure tips may be able to help...press on link below for full article


Calgary Avansino - Well-Being Article, June 2016
Madeleine Shaw Blog on PCOS, written by Gemma Ireland. Nov 2015

My motherhood dreams were shattered at the young age of 17, following a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Endometriosis by a Gynecologist who said that I would never have a child.  Against all the odds given, I was determined to prove this wrong...http://madeleineshaw.com/7-life-changing-tips-to-help-you-manage-and-alleviate-pcos/

MAYFAIR Magazine, May 2015

Hit refresh

Summer is upon us. Which means that inevitable re-evaluation of how we look and feel all of a sudden comes to the fore of our minds; could we have more energy, feel less tired and generally feel healthier? So often, the answer is a resounding yes. Cue in Bodyflow, a holistic wellness company founded by a health and well-being expert of 16 years Gemma Ireland, who works with a team of experts to deliver an array of treatments, from yoga to reflexology and massage and much more. What sets Bodyflow apart is its calibre of therapists. I tried a reflexology session with Gemma herself, and remarkably, after what felt like the most dreamy foot massage I've ever had, my energy levels felt quickly replenished and rejuvenated. And where, you may ask, can we find Bodyflow? You don't even have to leave the comfort of your house, as the team will come to you what better excuse to carve out some time. (bodyflow.co.uk)

Calgary Avansino Vogue @calgaryavansino, 4th March 2015

Bodyflow is helping me to get all those nasty c-section drugs out of my system w/ reflexology & lymphatic drainage @BodyflowLimited

Nine in the Mirror, Feburary 2015

Calgary Avansino shares her go-to list of people and places for making her feel instantly better, inside and out, while pregnant.


FUELFRESH Blog, 20th June 2014

Gemma Ireland has healing hands, she is an amazing Reflexologist with a celebrity client list, Christiane & James Duigan, Kristin Scott Thomas and Felicity Kendal to name a few. Gemma specialises in fertility and maternity care, although she also works with cancer patients, and anyone wanting to re-balance their body.

Tatler, April 2014

Wouldn't it be marvellous if your yoga class took place in your sitting room? Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone could go to town on your knotted back, while you lie face down on your own bed? Wouldn't it be dreamy to get a spot of reflexology done as you sit in the garden? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could get a shoulder massage as you work on a pitch, sitting at your desk? And wouldn't it be great if there was a company out there that offered all this? Hang on

Saturday Telegraph, Beauty Notebook, 4th January 2014
Alice Hart Davis Blog, December 2013

If you want the short message, this is a brilliant treatment particularly if you got yourself all wound up and need someone to press the de-stress button. Here's the website www.bodyflow.co.uk-If you want the longer version, read on


Tatler Magazine, October 2013


The lowdown: Normal reflexology doesn't always quite cut the mustard. There's the teeth-grinding resentment when you have to drag yourself off the bed; the post-treatment schlep in oily shoes that rather disrupts your Zen. What a revelation, then, to discover Bodyflow - expert reflexologists who bring their unctions and upper-body strength right to your bedroom. A therapist users you into bed and say six magical words: 'I won't speak during your treatment.' What follows is 60 minutes of mind-bending foot therapy.

Our verdict: A glorious way to shift stress. But the best bit? Being able to roll over and conk out straight afterwards.

Details: £85 for 60 minutes (www.bodyflow.co.uk; 07958 623 120)

Brides Magazine, 07 July 2010

Home Girl

This week I had a visit from Bodyflow, a nationwide at-home spa company that sends a therapist to your house, wedding venue or hotel room.

Read the full article here

Harpers Bazaar, September 2008

Six of the best - experts to go

Beauty Essentials

When your shoulders have tightened and your neck is aching, but you're miles from a spa or salon, ring Bodyflow. Specialising in massage - from Thai to Pregnancy - the therapists know just what you need. Each arrives with massage bed, towels and oils in hand and none of the frilly extras (incense, prayer balls and crystals) that often fall short of their tension-busting promise.

Quintessentially, December 2007

Bodyflow was recommended in the Quintessentially monthly newsletter.

Article is no longer online.

Financial Mail Women's Forum, November 2007

Make your life easier - Bodyflow

We've all been there; sat at our desks with aching necks and shoulders or collapsing into bed after a busy day at work and finding ourselves unable to sleep because of the thousands of knots we have in our back.

Article is no longer online.

Harpers Bazaar, October 2007

Boom or Bust

Bodyflow offers chair massage and reflexology services to corporate clients.

They say: 'Increase health and well-being in the workplace when we help your team unwind.' We say: 'Your staff will thank you, after Bodyflow has put their nerves to rights.'

Evening Standard, November 2006

O2's inspirational business of the week

02 and the Evening Standard are searching for the most inspirational small business in London - a business like Bodyflow set up in 2001 by Gemma Ireland, 32 after a life-changing trip to Malawi when she helped someone after a serious fall.

Read the full article on: www.thisislondon.co.uk

Vogue Beauty Book 2006

Specialist Treatments

Reflexology, yoga, pilates, fertility, pre and post pregnancy massage, shiatsu and nutrition.

Vogue, October 2006

Star Beauty - Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Reflexologists practise this ancient technique linking the feet to overall body health. By massaging pressure points, they aim to unblock energy flow and healing systems within the body. Clients might seek a reflexologist to assist detoxing, ease musculo-skeletal complaints, or to reduce anxiety. The process, which is said to range from the pleasant to the painful, is favoured by actors such as Sienna Miller and Kathleen Turner - who consult London reflexolgist Michael Keet. Designer Alice Temperley puts her feet in the hands of therapists at Bodyflow, who are also happy to do home visits.

Families Magazine, April 2006

Look After Number One

Bodyflow brings treatments and classes to the comfort and warmth of your own home, taking all the pressures of travel and parking away from you. Bodyflow specialises in fertility, maternity and labour - helping couples balance their systems to conceive, pregnancy massage, pregnancy yoga and pilates, reflexology and birth doulas to help you through your labour as naturally as you decide.

Vogue, October 2005

'The Ultimate Shoe Guide' by Calgary Avansino

The London branch of this London/Zurich well-being clinic is headed by reflexologist Gemma Ireland, who specialises in techniques relating to fertility and maternity.

Vogue, September 2005

'Spirit' by Calgary Avansino

I know I am a minority, but having a foot massage is my idea of torture. Expecting reflexology to have the same effect, I was surprised by my reaction to the treatment. Instead of my usual squirming and whinging, I went limp almost immediately, only to come to an hour later feeling fully refreshed. Reflexology is a complementary therapy more than an indulgence, stimulating specific reflex points to help restore the body's equilibrium and encourage the release of toxins. It's common to enter a very deep state of relaxation so it's wise to book an at-home treatment. Gemma Ireland's company Bodyflow (0207 376 5278) focuses on infertility, pregnancy and birth, all of which can benefit from regular reflexology.

Brides, September/October 2005

'Presents' by Kathryn Blundell

Still stuck? Go for gifts that are purely indulgent - a course of reflexology to get you sanely through the thank-you card writing www.bodyflow.co.uk offers home visits around London.

Harpers & Queen, July 2005

'Spirit Level' by Rebecca Broadley

Guardian Angel

Who Gemma Ireland, Reflexologist

Why Reflexology stimulates the body's natural healing process and restores equilibrium. Gemma's company Bodyflow also provides massage therapists, yoga teachers and birth doula's to your home.

Her disciples Gemma's confidential clients list includes film stars, supermodels and VIP's.

CV A member of the Association of Reflexologists, and trained in matters of pregnancy, fertility and maternity, Gemma specialises in priming labour.

Philosophy 'The body has an incredible way of healing itself. With reflexology, it will respond to your needs.'

Style Warm and reassuring, like welcoming an old friend into your home.

DIY tip 'Balance is the key; life is fast, but try to keep everything in moderation.'

What her fans say 'There is no one else for reflexology. Gemma's treatments transform my busy days into relaxation,' says celebrity facialist Amanda Lacey.

Families Magazine, April 2005

'Baby Feature'

Looking after yourself in the comfort of your own home - Bodyflow is a friendly company offering a variety of massage and alternative therapy treatments to the comfort of your own home, taking all the pressures of travel and parking away from you. Birth doula's and fertility treatments, deep tissue, sports, pregnancy, Swedish and lymphatic drainage massage, nutritional advice and yoga, from £65 per hour.

Saturday Times Magazine, February 2005

'The Moment I Wake up' by Hannah Betts

Contemporary platitude has it that cocooning was a concept invented by trend guru Faith Popcorn in 1991 and was the reason why many of us spent the decade lounging about at home not doing very much. Pah, I say, pah. This is on a pah with that other great contemporary platitude, namely that teenagers were invented in the Fifties, when anyone with an ounce of awareness knows that it was 1920, 1589 or, in fact, 1212. My own capacity for domestic lounging knows no bounds, historical or otherwise. Indeed, it is one of the reasons why I am not quite convinced about this child-rearing business. They will insist on doing things, nippers, and, unless I were to produce a particularly depressive specimen, I might actually be forced to leave my flat.

Bodyflow organisation is right up our street. Bodyflow brings chair massage to work and corporate events. More importantly for ³cooners/agoraphobes² it brings massage, reflexology, yoga, nutritional and fertility advice to your own home. For if there is one thing better than sinking like a dead weight into a massage table, it is sinking like a dead weight into one's own bed, with none of the jiggery-pokery of parking, dressing or drooling in a public place.

Gemma is the brains behind the operations, marshalling a crack team of 20 practitioners; but she is also the hands, being a reflexologist of such mesmerising powers that, 400 years or so ago, she would have been burnt as a witch. Now, I adore reflexology. I've had reflexology of the foot, hand and ear. I've had reflexology where I have felt energised, and reflexology where I've been felled like a tree. Hell, I've even had reflexology where the therapist's conclusion was that the spirit of my mother was with us in the room. But, never before have I felt the affinity between the area of the foot being kneaded and the body part to which it relates.

A blissful trippiness gave way to great plunges into relaxation, punctuated by involuntary shudders from my ribcage. Somewhat disconcertingly, Gemma can also read minds, effortlessly taking control of the fact that when my body switches off, my brain spirals into mania. Moreover, her sessions are perfectly choreographed to appear hypnotically drawn out, leaving one without that craven, resentful feeling at the treatment's close. That night, I slept the sleep of the righteous for a good week and a half.

Gemma is also a doula, a type of professional birthing partner (more of which in a couple of months), and has officiated at 50 or so births. Four-fifths of her reflexology work involves those who are up the duff or seeking to be so, not least priming babies into action. But she also addresses a range of other issues: asthma, arthritis, fatigue, back complaints, digestive problems, insomnia, migraine, menstrual pain and, yes, burgeoning mental illness (depression, panic attacks, etc.) With a little more going with the flow, I may even be able to leave the house.

Canary Magazine

If you're stressed at your desk, then Bodyflow's chair massage is for you. The practitioners come to your office and, using Japanese acupressure techniques, increase circulation in the body. They focus on the back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and scalp and the result is an invigorating energy boost.

Pre 2005

Tatler, February 2003

'Indulge Yourself' by Jo Cuppage and Rachel Lindenbaum

Reflexologist Gemma offers help with everything from migraines to pregnancy and general sense of well-being.

Vogue Beauty Book 2000

Reflexologist Gemma Ireland, private sessions available.

Zest, September 2000

'What Special Powers', by Suzy Greaves


'My mother always used to have bad migraines and if I touched her head they would go away. But I never really thought about it further until about two-an-a-half years ago, when I was on holiday. A friend fell 15ft off a balcony and bruised and strained her ankle and hip.

I gave her a series of pressure-point massages, which I'd learned while I was travelling the world after leaving school. The massages seemed to help her recovery and made her feel a lot better. "You've got healing hands," she told me. After that fateful holiday, I came back and immediately signed up for a year's part-time reflexology course.

'As soon as I qualified, I resigned from my job in publishing to practise reflexology full-time. I haven't looked back. It's so uplifting to see my clients relax and rid themselves of a lifetime of stress. Reflexology aims to stimulate the healing process within your body, inducing a deep state of relaxation. Applying pressure to the ten different zones of your feet aids the process of detoxification and means your body returns to its natural state of balance and your circulation improves.'

'Reflexology can aid many different ailments, from arthritis to back pain and migraines. I've seen swelling in the joints of people with arthritis disappear and migraines become less frequent. It can also be very helpful if you have menstrual, fertility or menopausal problems or period pain. Studies have shown that, if practised on pregnant women, reflexology can reduce the first stage of labour, which can last from 16 to 24 hours, right down to just five hours.'

'I find it really encouraging to see results in my clients. Imagine doing a job where you can actually make a real and significant difference to people's health. I think it's a dream vocation.'

A gruelling theatre run was leaving me sleepless, exhausted and with headaches...Gemma's wonderful weekly Reflexology treatments gave me a boost of energy, cured and cleared my head!
Dame Kristin Scott Thomas

"Gemma has worked miracles on my body curing long standing issues, restoring balance and reducing stress. I searched everywhere for someone to help with this and no one else in the world has been able to do what Gemma has."
James Duigan, Bodyism

'The most AMAZING reflexology ever!! Thank you @bodyflowlondon it really helped my bad back...Thank you Gemma'
Jamie Oliver - Instagram, 24th October 2019

"Knocked out by Bodyflows matchless Reflexology skills. Highly recommended if you need the world to STOP for a few hours!"
Kate Shapland, Beauty and Health Columnist for the Telegraph

"Seeing Gemma weekly pre and during my pregnancy has made all the difference in my pregnancy, health and wellbeing. Her magic hands helped with all my symptoms, to feel energised, restored and in balance. She has a wealth of knowledge and a caring approach to help with absolutely anything. I couldn't have done without her and hope to see her weekly for reflexology forever!"
Christiane Duigan, Bodyism

"I used Gemma's reflexology sessions in the lead up to giving birth and not only were my treatments incredibly relaxing, but they WORK! I have no doubt that because of them my birth was much quicker and easier and then afterwards she helped my body recover. I cannot recommend them enough!"
Madeleine Thompson, Fashion Designer

Gemma has an amazing gift which helps me relax and sleep better after even the most hectic of days and weeks through her unique reflexology skill. I have tried many different practitioners over the years, but Gemma and Bodyflow really stand out with what they can do.
Wendy Becker, Chief Executive at 'Jack Wills'

Gemma is the real thing the best of the best!
Felicity Kendal

@BodyflowLimited thank you for such an amazing reflexology treatment I feel relaxed and balanced X
Madeleine Shaw

I am so grateful I stumbled across this post and Gemma's work. I started seeing Gemma in December with mild PCOS and nearly 3 years of trying for a baby with a history of ectopic pregnancy. I was always a bit skeptical about reflexology having tried it with a non-fertility expert practitioner a few years ago. However, I am nervously excited to say I am sitting here 7 weeks pregnant and a scan showing the baby in my womb with a heartbeat. I never thought I would ever make it this far and I know it is super early days still and anything can happen but I am feeling so much more positive about the future. I will continue to see Gemma and would recommend anyone who is in my position to look at the benefits of reflexology when you're told your only option is IVF.
A very happy client, 10th February 2016

Gemma saw me throughout my whole pregnancy and post my birth, helping me with nausea, stress aches and pains whilst pregnant and getting the drugs out of my system and adjusting me after the birth. She is heaven and worked wonders rebalancing me. Her treatments always left me feeling so happy and zen. She's a reason to get pregnant again!
Alex Eagle, Designer, 29th Sept 2016

"I heard about Gemma through Madeleine Shaw's blogpost about PCOS and infertility. My own struggles to get pregnant started nearly three years earlier with an ectopic pregnancy, early miscarriage and my periods stopping. I started seeing Gemma for regular reflexology sessions in early December 2015 and altered my nutrition and lifestyle from her advice. In January 2016 I found out I was expecting. I couldn't believe it; I was scared and excited all at the same time. The Early Pregnancy Unit confirmed I had a baby with a gorgeous heartbeat in my uterus and that I had even ovulated from the ovary that didn’t have a fallopian tube! Now that little heartbeat is a 10 week old baby! I am truly grateful to Gemma for her restorative, balancing reflexology, compassionate attitude and positivity. I do not believe I would be in this position without her."
A PCOS happy client, Nov 2016

'Don't really know what to say, I have never felt so looked after before. My first ever reflexology and now i'm hooked, Gemma is the loveliest person with years of knowledge, i just cant express how amazing that was. Bodyflow is in London and comes to your home!'
Rhiannon Lambert, Rhitrition Nutritionist 2020