Bodyflow Massages are available on request with the amazingly talented and wonderful Julie who has worked for Bodyflow for over 15 years.  She is also one of our highly experienced Reflexologists.

All our massages are tailored to your individual needs, we are able to do any massage that will benefit you and your body the best way possible. On booking the treatment we will decide on the type of massage you will require.
Swedish, Sports, Therapeutic, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Healing, De-stressing, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage and lots more.

Julie will visit you in the comfort of your own home arriving with all the necessary equipment to perform the massage on a Bodyflow massage couch.  Please ensure that the room is warm for optimum healing and the therapist has a glass of water.  All you have to do is roll off the couch at the end of the session, pop your dressing gown on and drift away into Bodyflow blissful relaxation.
It’s a good idea to get some warming nutritious food in for that evening and be sure to rest and not go out, drink alcohol or caffeine and take full advantage of the healing process.

“Gemma's team of therapists always deliver the perfect relaxing solution to the end of a busy week's filming...fantastic massage and reflexology.”

Phil Spencer, Location Location Location

“She was absolutely brilliant. Jemima said it was the best massage she had ever had. Thanks so much!”

Henry Dimbleby, LEON Restaurant owner

“With the deep tissue technique, Bodyflow has repeatedly proven themselves as very good massage specialists, able to relieve not only the tension in my neck and back, but also painful muscle spasms.”

Madeleine Thompson, Fashion Designer

“The quality of Bodyflow therapists is higher than I have found anywhere else and being able to have massage in the comfort of my own home helps me relax and unwind after a busy week's filming.”

“Bodyflow is fantastic, the way that you can call up with a problem and they send out the best therapist to helps your needs - I had an injury from too much sports and Bodyflow's sports massage therapist has cured my problem within two sessions!”

Pregnancy Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Sports Massage

Postpartum Massage

Injury Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

– we tailor our service to your requirements…we are here to help and heal